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Los Angeles and Orange County’s Most Active Retail Tenants in 2015

Struggling to fill vacancies in your shopping center?

Then it’s probably a good idea to know the most active tenants in your marketplace.

But how do you access that kind of data? LoopNet tells you what is for lease, but not who is leasing what. CoStar offers that type of data, but they charge EXORBITANT rates for access privileges. And tack on additional fees for every added feature.

So if you’re like most independent retail property landlords, such tools out of your reach.

Well Here’s Some Good News!

CBM completed nearly 400 deals last year in Los Angeles and Orange County, a pace we’ve maintained over the last half decade. Our 2015 completed transaction list offers a clear image of the most active Los Angeles and Orange County retail tenants.

Here’s breakdown of CBM’s completed leasing transactions organized by tenant type and usage…

Total Restaurants & Food Users: 54


Restaurant and food users were by far our most active individual retail tenant category. Here’s a further breakdown by type and usage:

Restaurants By Type

  • Mexican (14)
  • Asian (11)
  • Cafés, Bakeries & Donut Shops (7)
  • Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Candy Shops (7)
  • Takeout Pizza (5)
  • Juice Smoothies & Boba (3)

Credit Restaurant Tenants

  • Waba Grill (6)
  • The Stand
  • Subway
  • Little Caesar’s Pizza
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Baskin & Robbins
  • Wienerschintzel
  • Starbucks
  • Dunkin Donuts

Total Retail Office Users: 75

Technically there are more retail office tenants than restaurant and food use tenants. Retail office tenants, however, represent a broad and diverse range of businesses. Here’s a further break down by business type:

Total General Office Space: 19


Total Medical Offices: 17

  • Dental (2)
  • Acupuncture (1)
  • Pharmacy (1)
  • Physical Therapy (1)
  • Medical Billing (1)
  • Hospice Care (1)
  • Speech Therapy (1)
  • In-Home Health Care (1)

Credit Tenants

  • Concentra Health (1)
  • Allied Health (1)
  • Community Health Alliance (1)
  • DaVita Dialysis Center (1)
  • Total Insurance: 15
  • State Farm (3)
  • Farmers (1)
  • Adriana’s (1)

Total Auto Title Loans: 8


  • Title Max (6)
  • Fast Auto (2)

Total Tax Prep Offices: 6

  • Liberty Tax (1)
  • H&R Block (1)
  • Jackson Hewitt (1)

Total Banks: 5

  • Wells Fargo (1)

MISC Retail Office Tenants: 11

  • Staffing & Employment Agencies (5)
  • Real Estate & Mortgage (2)
  • Law Offices (3)
  • Construction Office (1)

Personal Services

Total Hair Salons, Barber Shops, Nail Salons & Eyebrow Threading: 22


Hair and nail salons are the largest personal service tenant. Here’s a further breakdown by service type:

  • Hair Salons (16)
  • Barber Shops (6)
  • Nail Salons (8)
  • Total Eyebrow Threading (6)

Total Massage: 9

Massage is the second largest personal service tenant. Here’s a further breakdown by massage type:

  • General massage (8)
  • Foot massage (1)

Coin Laundry: 6

A row of industrial washing machines in a public laundromat.

Coin laundries are the third largest personal service tenant.

Check Cashing, Payday Loans & Pawn Brokers: 5

Financial services are the fourth largest personal services tenant.

Dry Cleaners: 4

Dry cleaners are the fifth largest personal service tenant (tied with dance, yoga and martial arts studios).

Dance, Yoga & Martial Arts Studios: 4

Dance, yoga and martial arts studios were tied with dry cleaners as the fifth largest personal service tenant.

Tutoring: 2

Tutoring was the sixth largest personal service tenant type. Here’s a further breakdown by provider type:

  • Kumon Learning Center (1)
  • Mathnasium (1)

Retail Sales

Total Cell Phone Sales & Service: 27


Cell Phone Sales and Service tenants are the largest retail sales tenant. Here’s a further breakdown by provider:

  • Cricket (14)
  • Metro PCS
  • (7)Sprint (3)
  • T-Mobile (3)
  • Verizon (1)

Total Tobacco Shop & Vape/E-Cig Sales: 9

Tobacco and Vape + E-Cig shops are the second largest category in retail sales. Here’s a further breakdown by store type:

  • Tobacco Shops (6)
  • Vape & E-Cigs (3)

Mattress Stores: 6

Mattress store are the third largest retail sales tenant.

Total Convenience Stores & Mini Markets: 5


Convenience stores are the forth largest retail sales tenant (tied with clothing stores). Here’s a further breakdown by retailer:

  • 7-Eleven (1)

Total Clothing: 5

Clothing stores are tied with convenience stores as the forth largest retail sales tenant.

Total Thrift & Discount Stores: 3

Discount stores are the fifth largest retail tenant. Here’s a further breakdown be retailer:

  • Salvation Army (1)

Video games: 3

Video games sales were the fifth largest retail sales tenant. Here’s a further breakdown by retailer:

  • Game Stop (1)

CBM’s Retail Leasing Team Has a Finger on the Pulse of Los Angeles and Orange County Retail Markets.

If you really want to fill your vacancies quickly and efficiently, with tenants ideally suited your property, hiring a competent leasing broker is critical.

And as the list above shows, CBM’s leasing team gets a LOT of deals done. And our leasing agents have strong relationships with the most active SoCal retail tenants. In short, our leasing team has their fingers on the pulse of the marketplace.

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