The entire CBM organization gathered at Guido’s, a lux Italian restaurant on the Los Angeles’ Westside, for our annual holiday party this past Thursday.

What a scene! The team thoroughly enjoying fine dining, a few choice cocktails, and merriment galore! But the group also reflected on the value of our shared experience. And celebrated the collective that makes up CBM’s sum total.

In this review, each attendee took a moment to share a bit about themselves. Their background, what brought them to CBM, how long they’ve been with the firm, and what they’ve appreciated about their tenure here.

And amid many hilarious tales, heartfelt remembrances, and warm regards, a theme emerged. CBM isn’t just a company. Management isn’t just a gang of taskmasters. And our team aren’t just a bunch of employees. We are a family. And collectively, we continually help and support one another. Looking out, lending a hand, and lifting each other up at every turn.

So, with another year in the books, we bid a fond farewell to 2018, and look toward 2019 with great anticipation!